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Love African Print Earrings but still undecided if they are for you ?

If you love African Print earrings but feel unsure on how to wear them, you have come to the right place.

Let me dispel a few myths or common misconceptions that I have heard over the years.

  • African Print Earrings can only be worn in warmer months
    • False- You can wear them all year long.
  • African Print Earrings colours are too bright for me
    • Both-There are some very bright and bold print out there even for someone one like me. However, you are bound to find colours that will work for you, your comfort level and your skin tone.
  • African Print Earrings needs to be worn with the matching set at all time.
    • False- All I have to say is that you do not have to buy an entire set, unless if the items are sold as one. You also do not have to wear the entire set all at once. It is fine to wear the earrings, the necklaces or the bangles separately.
  • African Print Earring design are too bold for me
    • False-You just have not seen the prints that you like .There are millions of print out there from the super bright to monochrome muted colours. 

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