About Us

Lillonboutique.com has come from a passion of sharing part of my Congolese and African culture with the world. I was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. From a very young age, I was always surrounded with beautiful crafted items from various part of the country as my parents are avid collectors. I fled my  country due to the political unrest and only came back for a visit as an adult in 2013. During that visit, I reacquainted myself with my country, fell in love with it and appreciated her beauty even more. I realized that Congolese artisans had great potential but had a very small  market to sell their wares.I realized that Canada could be a potential and bigger market for Congolese artisans. I saw this as a potential opportunity to share part of culture with my adoptive country Canada. I decided to create an online store  to showcase Congolese and other African artisanal work in Canada and through that medium as well help Congolese artisans. I have realized that Congolese can’t no longer solely rely on foreign NGOs to resolve their own country issues. We, Congolese and non Congolese living overseas  should help, lillonboutique.com was thus created. Please join me in this journey and I hope that you will like  and buy the items featured on the site