Lillon Boutique Media Mention

By Emma Siegel on the

Posted on May 24, 2021

My Immigrant Entrepreneur Story -Emma Seigel The NewComer 

If we had met at any vendor shows in the city, you would have gotten to know more about my store, the story behind the items I sell and a bit of my own story. With everything online due to the pandemic,I have to find ways to share my story to you all☺️. I was fortunate to have Emma Siegel, journalist at @thenewcomermag finding my website and wanting to know more about my story as an Immigrant in Canada.Hope you like it and please check out the other articles written by Emma and others journalists @thenewcomermag .


Posted on March  19, 2019

Picture taken at Jamaican Eat Food Festival by photograp from   snapdBeachesDanforth

Elisabeth Lillon Boutique at Vendor Show